Please note that colors and images are subject to change from screen to print as monitors and printers aren’t capable of displaying the exact same color range. Invytations is not responsible for color management and calibration unless client is willing to pay additionally for press match and color key services.


While Invytations is aware and sensitive to clients’ budgets, comps to quotes are extremely rare. However, if any comp is kindly provided to client, please consider it as a one-time occurrence on a case-by-case basis. Client is expected to reference original full quote before comp to any potential future clients. Due to the current climate amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to offer any comps/discounts to quotes at this time. We appreciate your understanding and continued support in our business.


If a client is local and prefers an in-person consultation before proceeding to order, Invytations is willing to meet within a 10-mile radius of Randolph/Stoughton at a public location. Consultations are complimentary, and a portfolio of printed and assembled samples from past clients will be shown for client’s review. Due to the current climate amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to honor any in-person consultations at this time. All consultations will be conducted virtually via Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp, or FaceTime. To avoid yield loss, Invytations cannot proceed with the custom design process unless a nonrefundable 50-percent deposit and signed contract are received so unfortunately, requests for proofs or samples prior to officially ordering cannot be honored. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


All designs and photography shown on this site are copyrighted property of Invytations and cannot be redistributed without permission. While you are welcome to use our work as inspiration, please do not replicate in any way.


Invytations sometimes offers printed or electronic coupons or deals, especially during holidays. Coupons or deals must be presented or mentioned during initial request for quote. Once a quote is sent to client, coupon may not be applied after the fact. Client is responsible for reading all terms and utilizing coupon or deal before expiration date. No exceptions.


When drafting up contracts, we determine deadlines that work best for us based on our current queue and schedule, the scope of your project, and when your signed contract and 50-percent deposit are received. Because custom designs take time, we ask that order requests are given at least 3 months* in advance of deadline. If not, a rush fee will be incurred. Please note that if we end up having capacity to complete a proof or sample ahead of schedule, the in-hand deadline for the order will still remain as is on the contract. An earlier turnaround of a proof or sample does not entitle client to change the final deadline as all deadlines are intentionally set based on our current queue. A rush fee will be incurred if deadlines are requested to be changed to an earlier date, and deadline changes are not guaranteed. If there are any delays in the completion of the project due to the actions or negligence of the client (e.g., delays in providing signed contract, deposit or final payment, content needed for order, responses, approval of proofs or samples, changes in scope to the project, etc.), unusual transportation delays, unforeseen illness, or external forces beyond our control, we will be entitled to extend deadlines by the time equivalent or more to the period of such delay in order to feasibly complete the order and will notify client promptly of such deadline changes.

*More advanced notice may be required depending on our current queue and for more complex or larger orders, particularly weddings.


If a client is local, client has the option to meet and pick up finished product directly from us in Randolph/Stoughton at a scheduled date and time that works best for our queue and schedule. Shipping is required for all orders and will be accounted for during the initial consultation and in original agreed-upon quote. Any changes to these arrangements or any unforeseen additional shipping charges will be the responsibility of the client. Due to the current climate amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to honor any in-person pickup arrangements at this time.


For all orders, a nonrefundable 50-percent deposit via cash, electronic transfer, Venmo (mobile app owned by PayPal with no transaction fees), or check made payable to Vy Vy Vo is required before a proof is worked on. PayPal is a payment option, but is subject to a 3% transaction fee that the client is responsible for. Clients may also opt to pay in full up-front regardless of quote amount if that is preferred and more convenient. All up-front full payments and deposits are nonrefundable. No exceptions.


Our custom invitations are typically designed to fit in an A7 (5.25″ x 7.25″) envelope, unless smaller or larger dimensions (i.e., A1, A2, A6, A7, A8, etc.) are specified or requested during initial consultation and quote. Please note that larger invitations typically will cost more to print and will require larger envelopes, which will cost more as well.


While Invytations takes pride in ensuring full client satisfaction, Invytations also takes pride in its time and efforts. Therefore, all clients are limited to three rounds of edits in original agreed-upon quote. For Invytations, a round constitutes any changes that can be completed within 15-30 minutes. Any edits or entirely new design layouts beyond this are subject to an additional $60+ surcharge (subject to increase depending on complexity of edits) per round or will need to be discussed and agreed upon ahead of time during initial consultation. No exceptions.


Invytations offers beautiful gift certificates for any special occasion including birthdays, showers, and weddings. Gift certificates can be purchased in any increment* and will be valid towards a future custom invitation, design, or event planning order. There is no expiration date for gift certificates. However, once a gift certificate is accounted for in original agreed-upon quote and contract, that gift certificate is considered void and cannot be reused again.

*Invytations recommends a $100 minimum as most custom design orders tend to be $600 or more.


If a delivery or shipment is impacted by an act of God, weather, electrical failures, airline delivery delay or cancellation, etc., Invytations will make every necessary attempt to complete and ship client’s project on schedule. Client agrees not to hold Invytations responsible under the above conditions.


Client is responsible for licensing in usage and having appropriate intellectual property rights for all graphics or photos provided and used in the client’s name.


Unless client prefers otherwise during initial consultation, Invytations’ logo, name, e-mail address, and website will be printed on the back of all prints if space is reasonably available. The only exception to this are wedding orders.


Because of the amount of time and effort that goes into each custom project, a minimum order of 50 invitations is required. Lower quantities are subject to a surcharge. Invytations recommends that clients order a little over the initial quantity requested in case keepsakes for memory books/boxes are desired or extras are needed.


Our custom invitations and event designs are normally printed on 12 pt. (85-lb.) card stock (matte or glossy), which is roughly 0.012″ thick. Paper is similar to the feel of a postcard, but will still have a slight bend when held with two fingers. This is Invytations’ preferred paper weight, unless client specifies or requests otherwise. Heavier card stock will typically cost more and will need to be accounted for during initial consultation and quote. Client may opt to purchase his or her own paper (depending if it is compatible with our print vendor’s printers), but printing costs will generally remain in the same price range and will not significantly decrease. Clients, especially clients who are not local, may opt for a printed sample review in the custom design process and may refer to our Samples policy below.


The forms of payment currently accepted are cash, electronic transfer via Bank of America, Venmo (mobile app owned by PayPal with no transaction fees), or check made payable to Vy Vy Vo. PayPal is also an option, but the first three aforementioned options are preferred as client will be responsible for the 3% transaction fee on PayPal. Once client signs off on proof and receives final invoice, client is required to provide full payment of remaining balance of the agreed-upon quote before files are released for print production. All deposits and payments are nonrefundable. No exceptions.


Because Invytations takes pride in its time, efforts, and finished products, we will request professional event photos of our custom stationery and design work from client or client’s photographer for promotional use on our website and social media after the event date has passed. We will ensure that photography credit is given in our posts to client’s photographer if his or her information is easily accessible or provided by client. If client has additional concerns regarding social media, client may refer to our Social Media policy below.


Invytations operates on a first-come, first-served basis so clients who are already in queue are worked on before your order is started regardless of when deposit is received and contract is signed. If a client has a preferred proof date, this must be established and agreed upon ahead of time in the contract. Proofs will be sent electronically to client for review and selection as soon as possible. The purpose of a proof is to eliminate errors or dissatisfaction. Client should examine proof carefully and thoroughly before signing off to print. If client opted for a printed sample review, client may refer to our Samples policy below. Once a client provides electronic approval of the proof to print, this is seen by Invytations as client’s absolute sign off and approval. Client is responsible for any discrepancies after the fact.


Because Invytations takes pride in its time and efforts, all deposits and payments are nonrefundable. No exceptions. If a client is truly dissatisfied with the finished product, Invytations will make one attempt to remedy so that client is satisfied. However, client will still be responsible for any new expenses incurred during attempt including additional materials, printing, and delivery/shipping.


Client is responsible for any additional charges to change, reprint, remake, and reship a project in the event that a proof is signed off on that contained errors including spelling errors. Invytations also requires additional time to redo a project, which will in turn affect the due date. After approval of the electronic proof is received for print, Invytations relinquishes all responsibility for printing discrepancies. If client is dissatisfied with finished product, edits and reprints are available, but client will incur normal printing and shipping fees.


Reviews and referrals are an integral part of our business and our continued growth. Clients’ feedback offers future potential clients valuable first-hand insights into our services and helps us better serve them in the future. Invytations will request reviews from client after an order is completed or the event date has passed. Links will conveniently be provided to client to easily access in order to write reviews on The Knot, WeddingWire, and Facebook. We appreciate and value all feedback provided and kindly ask that clients provide reviews as soon as possible in order to be considered towards our future awards for the year.


Please note that with our current schedule constraints, we usually do not have capacity to take a rush order on. If client does not provide an order at least 3 months* in advance (depending on what order is for and quantity), the order is considered a rush order. Client will incur a $100+ rush fee (subject to increase depending on complexity of rush request, current queue capacity, and requested time frame); no exceptions. Rush orders only allow time for an electronic proof review and forgoes a printed sample review.

*More advanced notice may be required depending on our current queue and for more complex or larger orders, particularly weddings.


Clients, especially clients who are not local, may opt for a printed sample review in the custom design process. Printing and shipping of said sample will be discussed during initial consultation and accounted for in original agreed-upon quote. Any additional printed samples requested after the fact will be subject to normal printing and shipping charges, which will be added to final invoice.


Invytations reserves the right to post photos of finished products on our social media accounts unless event is a surprise or client specifies otherwise during initial consultation. All clients’ privacy will be taken into consideration, and any clear-cut identifying information will be blurred from photos accordingly.