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Welcome to Invytations! We specialize in custom-designed, handmade, and personalized invitations and day-of-event stationery needs. From baby showers to weddings to any other occasion in your life, we offer the most personal and caring customer service to ensure that your celebration is special and a complete success. We can help establish your theme, stay on budget, and add that extra morsel of creativity to make your event stand out from the rest! Vy Vy Vo (V3), Founder of Invytations, dedicates her time, creativity, and passion to planning and designing exclusively for your event. Thus, everything is guaranteed to be "made with love."

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 Happy Hump Day + almost Lunar New Year!  Just wanted to pop in on my #halfbirthday  to say hello and introduce myself especially to anyone who has recently followed my feed.  I’m Vy Vy (pronounced like 2 V’s), and I’m the owner and creative mastermind behind @invytations! ‍ Here are a few #funfacts about me: 1) I am truly energized by invitations and event stationery design, beautiful photos, and bringing ideas from concept to reality. 2) For me, the details matter! I am extremely meticulous and a perfectionist; it’s a curse and a blessing, but mostly a blessing. 3) My logo is not just a heart, but it’s a V and 3 to represent the three V’s in my name. Clever, I know. 4) As you can probably tell from my hair, I love colors! I can help you figure out your color palette or theme for your wedding/event. 5) Almost everything I do is intentional; there is always a method to my creative madness. 6) I first started out creating baby shower invitations for friends and family between 2009-2012, but now I mostly design for weddings. However, I love designing for any type of special occasion! 7) I was born in July, and my favorite number is 7️⃣. That’s also why we have 7 fun facts today.  Speaking of 7, this is my 7th year in business. To everyone who has believed in me, thank you. To anyone interested in working together, contact me at the link in my bio. Swipe left to enjoy a #behindthescenes video from my business branding #photoshoot last year. Looking forward to sharing more of my work and creativity with you all in 2020!  #happyhalfbirthdaytome #weddingwednesday #workhardplayharder #boss #stationer #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #boston #southshorema #invitations #custominvitations #customstationery #customdesign #madewithlove #invytations Photography + Videography by @fritzmeanphotography Makeup by @saturnmakeup Hair Color by @lotussalonbraintree Hair Styling by @saturnspoet Nails by @vinanailsandspa Shoot Assistance by @scarletpg + @anyaotaku Wood Logo Paraphernalia by @houseelfhandmades Glitter Wood Logo Table Sign + Acrylic Logo Hanging Sign by @ten23designs Styling/Shoot Coordination by @invytations FMI: www.invytations.com
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